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My passport…

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

… finally came through.

The accompanying letter told me that the previous one, reported lost, had, in fact, been used by someone. There was a strong hint that I was under suspicion of having SOLD it, because there was a pre-printed sheet with all the dire warnings of consequences, rhubarb, rhubarb.

In a mad moment, clutching my precious identity, and without fear of capture, I decided to take a short break in the UK. From the weather point of view, this was a dire mistake. I arrived in London on the 15th of November, and it wasn’t too bad, but it just got worse and worse and colder and colder until my return here yesterday.

I did quite a number of things in the UK. There were friends to look up, one of whom, Rod – I haven’t mentioned him before to protect the innocent – has been very kindly looking after my hundreds of books and the more precious items I didn’t want to ditch when my witness protection program started. At the time, I had told him I was going to Wales, and he was quite impressed with my suntan when I returned to sub-zero Fulham! I arranged for the books and stuff to be freighted to Greece.

I reconnected with my London bank, and paid quite a few bad debts I left behind when I was shipped to Glasgow. You see before you a man with spotless conscience.

I also bought a sexy HP iPAQ PDA. Drool, drool.

It only took me about five minutes on the Northern Line Underground to decide that I was never returning to the UK. Up to that point, I’d been undecided. London stinks! I mean it really stinks.

More tomorrow. I’m just SO glad to be back. And Nikos’ taverna is just like home now. So I’m going home in a minute.

If I haven’t mentioned…

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

… Ginger lately, it’s because, a few days after the Pakistani earthquake, he locked up his house and left on the ferry with his big bike, saying he was going to “see if he could help”.

I haven’t heard from him since, and he hasn’t replied to any of my emails. I’m hoping nothing has happened to him. I’m also wondering what his publisher thinks of him decamping like that. It was all the more surprising because we spent part of the day before he left eating and talking as usual together, and although the earthquake was mentioned, he showed no kind of concern, and we spent more time discussing our own local little shaker.

It appears I am now in business again, in a small way. There’s a steady stream of rather familiar problems with people’s PCs which I solve at a billing rate that, while laughable by UK standards, is sufficient to feed me and pay my bills. I’ve actually put some money back into my shell company’s bank account! It is actually a relief not to have to decide what I’m going to waste my time on today, as there’s usually a computer to monkey with! My clients are also relieved that I now charge money. I think it made them uncomfortable to be helped for nothing, and inhibited them from asking for more.

Fauxhunter strikes again…

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005

… because my incautious remark about an earthquake last week has enabled him to more accurately zero in on my position. Being more relaxed these days, I am pleased to confirm that I am now, and always have been, on one of the Ionian Islands.

I have long been fascinated by “Cornell Boxes”
Cornell Box
Here is an example of a Joseph Cornell box. Cornell was a surrealist artist who specialised in glass-fronted boxes containing strange little tableaux.

I have been meaning to show a photo of the following for some time. One of the tavernas I visit from time to time has an array of Cornellesque boxes. The examples in the taverna do not carry the same caché as the ones in the Guggenheim, but, in their way, they are just as fascinating.

The one illustrated below is of the Titanic, containing a hopeless model of the vessel, a reduced copy of The New York Times of the fateful day, and other little fragments of documentation. It is very old and much faded, but all the more charming for that.