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This house…

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

… is not much bigger than a two-car garage, and accommodating Alfredo has been a bit of a squeeze. However, for the last two nights, I’ve had two guests staying overnight – Alfredo and Suldrun (remember – the young archaeologist I met at Easter – See Here) whose real name is Sophia.

Sophia has had a bad year. I almost didn’t recognise her. She tells me she came back to the island because it is the last place she remembers being happy. Suits me. She’s a pleasure to have around, and I’ve told her she can stay as long as she likes. How I wish I’d got round to renting a bigger house, to make my guests more comfortable! Still, Alfredo will be gone in a few days.

Nikos was having a sort of party on New Year’s Eve – all welcome, free food, but buy your own drinks. Sophia just turned up at the party. She hasn’t said so, but I rather hope she was looking for me, as well as for a good start to 2006. After a rather chaotic evening, Alfredo was thoroughly “bladdered”, as he put it, and Sophia and I brought him home together. Normally it would have been a long and tiring drag up the hill, but we were all buoyed up with excitement from the party. Sophia stayed, and we fetched her kit from the hotel on New Year’s Day.