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The upshot…

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

… is that Alfredo has been sprung without charge, though they’ve hung on to his computer, and persuaded his ISP to delete his website. What a liberty!

Samia, the lawyer, seems to have made the boys in blue squirm over their bad behaviour and has wrought a minor miracle. It helped that the Americans were involved, as they are not particularly popular with British Special Branch.

As far as I can gather, some American (NSA?) surveillance group has had the Dork computer staked out for a while, and they noticed Alfredo’s activities. Then they traced him via his ISP. The trade Alfredo’s lawyer has done is to give The Powers That Be the vnc password he was using (they had never managed that trick) in return for releasing him. Alfredo’s computer is still under arrest.

Alfredo says it doesn’t matter because he’s got the whole filestore on CDs and a thumb drive, so he can be back in business as soon as he gets another PC.

So far…

Saturday, February 25th, 2006

… I’ve not managed to speak to someone sensible at Paddington Green police station (I found the telephone number myself – thanks, Kevin). I then contacted the solictor who dealt with my “hacking” charge, who was horrified that Alfredo had been held for over a fortnight without being charged (apparently, he was “voluntarily helping the police with their enquiries”) and referred me to one of these Human Rights lawyers.

She seemed enthusiastic to get involved, especially since they seem to have taken advantage of Alfredo’s lack of legal representation and parental support to interrogate and hold him for sixteen days on the pretext that he was voluntarily “helping”.

Oh, dear…

Friday, February 24th, 2006

… I feared as much, though I never said so.

I finally weakened and telephoned Alfredo. It was quite a game finding his telephone number, I can tell you. I’d lost it if I ever had it. Anyway, his mother tells me he’s been “taken away by detectives over a week ago” – her very words, and his computer confiscated. She clearly blames me. Then she says her boyfriend Kevin is dealing with it. Why don’t I ring back and speak to him.

I ring back and speak to Kevin. He tells me Alfredo is being held in some secure police station, and they are talking about The Terrorism Act, and all sorts. Kevin’s clearly not “dealing with it”. He doesn’t even have a telephone number for the police station. I ask him to find it out. More tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

… tourist wear. Sophia has made me aware of tourist wear, something I’d neglected to notice until now. It’s still quite chilly by Greek standards at present, so I tend to wear long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, and a sweater or light jacket when necessary (especially on the bike). In this, I seem to reflect local standards of the islanders, who consider themselves a hardy lot (I wouldn’t fancy their chances in Princes Street in August).

There are two classes of tourist.

The first, mostly Germans and Scands, recognise that the weather is a little inclement, and turn out in woolly trousers, fell walking boots, sweaters and anoraks, as though they were about to tackle an Alp.


The second, overwhelmingly Brits, as soon as the sun appears, emerge clad in :
Male – Sleeveless singlet, the better to expose the tattoos; shorts that are too long or longs that are too short, accompanied by enormous beer gut and flip-flops;
Female – Shapeless floppy top, containing, yet, somehow, revealing, shapeless floppy body, worn loose over shorts that are either much too short or longs that are much too long, and shoes suitable for the catwalk.
Both – Lots and lots of pale skin that’s more blue than cream in hue. Think codfish.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Stll no news of Alfredo, and his site is still down – ???

Coffee, …

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

… just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, is something completely different when consumed in Greece. Imagine a tiny cup, suitable for a single espresso. It is half filled with very fine coffee grounds even after it settles, and eventually the top half becomes delicious aromatic black coffee with a fine coating of froth. The coffee portion is to be sipped slowly with a glass of water, the mud at the bottom to be left. So you finish up not being able to overdose on coffee, because each cup takes a while to make and settle, but the taste… fantastic. Even espresso, which is often too harsh, cannot compare with it. We now make our own at home, and it’s as easy as Nescafé. The whole process has become a sort of ritual like a Japanese Tea Party.

News? No news. That’s why I’m forced to mark time with coffee. I haven’t even heard from fauxhunter lately, and his blog is offline. Maybe he’s on holiday.


Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

… the young scamp, has been delving further into Ginger’s business (I am reading David Copperfield at the moment – the language gets into the bones). You can read about it in his blog of yesterday’s date.