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Visited a customer…

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

… near this view today. A view I just had to share with you.


I’m getting ready for another sea voyage, so I’m trying to mop up a few outstanding problems. This poor devil bought a PC with Vista on it, and, frankly, he knows as much about it as I do, which is nothing. It’s very slick and all that but it’s so hard to find out what’s going wrong in, for example, the network department. His PC was quite happy talking to the Internet, but wouldn’t talk to the laptop that was on the same router!

Not yet sorted out…

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

… that RSS thing. I hope I don’t have to transplant the whole blog to get it working right.

[EDIT] Since moving the blog to WordPress, of course, all the RSS stuff starts to work. Carfilhiot.

I never get over…

Monday, June 4th, 2007

… the joy of seeing fireflies. Even on the bike, I occasionally see them, but walking in the late evening is the time. Of course, they are hard to photograph. Without going into too much detail, the modern automatic camera is always straining to to get as much light through the shutter as possible, so, in the gloaming, it makes an impossibly long exposure. There are a few photos on Flickr, but nothing compares with the real thing dancing in the air around you. I was walking home yesterday evening, the bike having failed to start again, and I was surrounded by these fairy lights most of the way. There’s probably something seasonal and habitat-specific, but, hey, I don’t think I want to know the details. They are just a charming addition to life in a warmish climate, and until you’ve seen them, you can’t really appreciate them. It’s like the aurora borealis, which doesn’t photograph or film well, but is staggeringly beautiful to experience. At this rate, I’ll be on to UFOs next.

On a more mundane note, I’ve discovered that the RSS feed isn’t working for this blog. I’ll be sorting that out Real Soon Now.