I’m always having…

… to pull myself up and think whether I’ve told you everything you need to know.

I’ve got my new computer and camera. I didn’t leave Athens until I’d organised that;

I’m back in my own house – for a while, when I was having difficulty walking or biking, I lived above Nikos’ taverna again;

I was at Nikos’ for Orthodox Easter – much devotion and waving of candles in the street. I was too delicate to participate in anything but the feasting afterwards;

The boat is making great progress. Alexis sailed me out in the bay last week. The engine, quite compact, sits in a wooden box near the stern, but we actually used the sail except for parking on our return. Now I’m nearly a boat owner and skipper, it’s all rather daunting;

No-one, not even Alexis (and certainly not Nikos, the old gossip), knows the truth of my injuries. It was just an accident I had when getting out of bed.

Here, for your delectation, is an artistically clipped photo of the taverna. You see what we have to put up with. Only Nikos’ excellent cooking can compensate for the squalor of the premises!

Nikos' Taverna

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