I didn’t tell…

…you that the plaster cast was taken off my leg last week. I’d been riding the bike in it and it had got chipped and oily, and I’d got it wet from time to time so it was in a sorry state. I got a telling off about that from the quack at the hospital. The bruises on both legs were, and still are, pretty prominent. The doctor made it clear he didn’t believe the “accidental tumble out of bed” story when it happened, and he didn’t believe it now. When I’d been wheeled in, unconscious, on the morning of the incident, he had felt it urgent to transfer me to Athens because of the head injury and coma. I didn’t respond to his questions about the circumstances, said I couldn’t remember anything. Apparently there’s a small skull fracture, but it’s expected to heal without problems. He advised me not to ride the bike for a while, but I’m ignoring that.

Oh, and the big news of the day is….
<small fanfare>
the Eurovision Song Contest
Lord save us, but Greece won on the 26th attempt. Guess what’s blaring out of every loudspeaker on the island.

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