Another tour-de-force…

… from Nikos last night. We had the greatest difficulty paying him – he wanted to treat us, but we said we couldn’t return if he did that to us, so he relented with ill grace, presenting, nevertheless, a surprisingly small, non-itemised bill. It’s a fine line between showing gratitude for his generosity and insulting him by rejecting his gifts, but I think we managed it by adding a generous tip and then drinking it in free brandy at a large table where everyone came and made a fuss of Lionel. He made more friends last night than I made in the first three months I was here. Why don’t I have charisma like that?

Wasn’t up to much today. I haven’t told Lionel about the boat, because he’d want to go out in it and I’m not that confident. I’ve told Alexis I won’t be able to help until next week.

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