I know…

… I’m not posting as regularly as I used to, but I’m worried I may bore you all by repetition or banality. Life here floats on much as it does. I’m now corresponding fairly regularly with Lionel by email, so he’s getting the babble you used to get. But I’ll still post here when it’s interesting. You have my word on that.

I have been lurking on a number of forums lately, but I am impatient to start posting. The problem is that forum administrators can find out the IP number of someone who posts, and I’m unwilling to reveal my Greece-based ISP, because I don’t know how secure it is. So I have set up a UK-based dial-up account so that I can make my forum postings largely anonymously. Of course, I can browse at my leisure, compose my post off-line, and just dial up to post the comment, so it’s not going to cost a fortune, even at international mobile phone rates – a couple of Euros a minute, I guess.

And, to prove it, I composed this entry on the laptop whilst at anchor off the island, and I’m about to upload it via my mobile, connected to the UK ISP. So, if you’re reading this, the experiment worked!

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