Disturbing news…

… in today’s email from Lionel, couched in his usual mock-pompous style, calculated to conceal emotion. The xxxx s are mine.

To: carfilhiot@foxtrot.surfmad.co.uk
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject : Re: Greetings
I shall reply to your recent missive in due course, 
but felt it incumbent upon me to inform you 
immediately that (Desmëi) has apparently 
been talking, make that "boasting", about your 
plight and her contribution to its effective 
resolution. "So far, so uninteresting," I hear you 
reply, with some justification. 
I was not present, but it appears that the 
couple to whom her prattle was directed are 
a pair of self-selected media parasites who 
quickly persuaded her that fame, and even 
fortune, might ensue were she to call up 
(xxxxx - afternoon talk show host) at 
(xxxxx - local tv station) and tell her story, or, 
rather, your story, to a lacklustre audience of 
retired Canadians.

She came home full of this plan. I have been 
trying to talk her out of it. She says there is 
no need to worry on your behalf as you will 
already have given yourself up as she advised and 
you agreed. Do I not care that she has a chance 
at a little publicity for herself, and thereby for 
her important Truth and Honesty campaign that she 
is waging in our small community? And so on. 
I am saying that your slightly criminal past would 
reflect badly upon our association with you, and 
that she might lay us open to allegations of 
accessory. And so on.

Let us hope that she gets the brush-off from the 
talk show.

I shall keep you fully informed of interesting
developments, but I would be derelict in my duty 
to you were I not to say that afternoon tv is so 
dull around here that they will probably bite 
her hand off to get at the gripping details.

With Deepest Regret that I got her involved in 
your affairs.


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