Went to the…

… Post Office this morning and (relief and excitement) collected my GPS unit – a Garmin 60CS. Spent part of the day playing with it and reading the instructions – wow! – who needs a sextant with one of these? There’s even a little map on the display and more features than I’ll ever use, It uses ordinary AA batteries, so I’m stocking up on them.


I’m completely packed, got the inside of the boat quite comfortable. Alexis fitted a cigar-lighter type of socket for charging my mobile. I’ll be using the mobile as emergency radio because unfortunately my radio hasn’t turned up yet. Nor have the charts, though one of the fishermen has lent me some ancient ones (dated 1926). Alexis is looking very worried about me making an inter-island trip and made me take an extra anchor (that makes 3) and lots more rope. I set sail tomorrow.

We had a big celebratory meal at Nikos’ this evening, but I took care to go easy on the booze. I shall try to keep up with my internetting on my travels, though it will be difficult when I’m on the high seas. Stay tuned.

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