Started late and…

… was made later by having to wait for the “super”market to find a pack of mineral water for me. Then I remembered I’d forgotten the cigar-lighter charger for the laptop and went home and eventually found it in a drawer, then discovered that Alexis was doing a few last-minute alterations to the thing you wrap the anchor rope around at the back of the boat and it was 11 before I got away. I headed east along the south coast of the island, beyond my familiar haunts, with a fairly brisk northerly wind, until I reached the end of the island when it died, and I was left drifting with the sail hanging loose, a most unimpressive sight. I didn’t want to start using the motor so soon, and I could see the bottom, so I dropped the anchor on Alexis’s new line and made it fast to its new fastening and I’m waiting for a wind that’ll take me to the island I can clearly see to the east.

I’ve filled in my log, typed in all my stuff offline, including this blog, then I’ll do my Palimpsesting and Blogging, then I’ll probably have a nap. What a life, eh?

The mobile just rang. Alexis making sure I haven’t sunk yet. Told him yes I had, then had to explain it was a joke.

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