The wind turned…

… mostly south and not very brisk on Friday. I didn’t fancy navigating an unfamiliar lee shore, and, besides, it’s quite nice here. I hired a bicycle for the day and visited their hot spring, a malodorous, murky trickle lurching from the rocks to fill a rocky basin in which, for a fee, one may bathe. As is usual with springs in these parts, there is a shrine to a saint and evidence of an ancient Greek temple. Further up the hill, I was shown a more interesting sight – a vent which breathes methane, and can be lit with a cigarette lighter to give an almost invisible bluish flame that you can only see because of the shimmer in the air. It soon goes out, as the supply of gas is neither pure nor constant.

Yesterday and today, I just relaxed and ate by turns. I actually bought a fishing rod and did a little fishing. It was fun, but I caught nothing, which is probably just as well, because I don’t have any cooking facilities and I’m not into raw fish.

The big downside is that the reception for my mobile was awful on this island. There’s no aerial actually here. I have been unable to get an internet connection at all, until today, when I moved the boat round to the north of the peninsula at the east of the island. It’s not so comfortable here this afternoon, because I’m not sheltered from the wind, but I’m securely anchored and I will be able to start for my next destination early tomorrow.

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