The question is…

…. how safe am I here? I got a wonderful welcome from people I thought I hardly knew when I got back on the Monday ferry. And yesterday, I had several of Lionel’s emails to read. The upshot of these is that very little interest was shown in Desmëi’s sensational interview. “I could practically hear the yawns”, said Lionel.

The trial date is next week. I see from discreet browsing of Court records that they haven’t cancelled it yet. I guess all I have to do is to sit tight.

And sitting tight is about all I can do. My passport was confiscated by these pirates. If I want a new one, I’ll have to go through the business of the local British consul, who isn’t British and is only consular part-time, and who can’t issue a passport to stupid Brits who’ve lost them, but can only repatriate them with a one-day special passport and repatriation is the last thing I want right now. So now I’m stuck in Greece which is not so bad really but I feel a little trapped.

Alexis was deeply distressed at the loss of the boat. He couldn’t understand why I hadn’t told the police. I said I didn’t want to get in trouble with the police at the island where I washed up. I have agreed to concoct a story for the police here, so I can at least make an insurance claim for the computer and GPS. I think the best plan is to say it was stolen while anchored and empty, then there will be no attempted murder investigation.

Alexis says there is a good bush telegraph among the Greek fishermen, and if the boat is offered for sale in the islands, we are likely to hear about it.

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