I don’t believe…

… it! The court case has been adjourned for lack, not of a witness, but of an accused.

Extract from The Times

This will take some thinking about. Suffice to say that if the prosecution team are this competent, I am SO glad I ran when I did.

Meanwhile, life continues without a great deal of change. For the second time in a couple of months, I find myself restoring all my software to my new computer. It’s going much quicker this time, despite the frequent headaches I’ve been having since I was mugged.

It’s a strange feeling. I should be furious at these guys for stealing my boat and leaving me for dead. Instead, I’m somehow grateful to them. They could so easily have put a bullet in my head while they were about it. I don’t care about their reasons. They gave me the chance I needed, and I appreciate it.

I have always believed in what I call existentialism. It’s probably not the real thing, I know, but the philosophy of enjoying what you are experiencing while you’re experiencing it has really paid off for me. It probably accounts for the fact that I’ve always run away from difficulties, and the fact that, despite my lack of real progress in life, I have nearly always had a nice time. The exception was the terrible time I had last year, but I fixed that, didn’t I?

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