I wonder…

… how long I can stand the suspense. My best course of action, I think, is just to get on with my life.

To which end, I am back into my old routine of occasional PC help for the islanders, supper at Nikos’ and quite a lot of reading. Alexis is pressing me to think about another boat, but I don’t think so.

Reading. Well I’ve downloaded a few Arthur Conan Doyles from Gutenberg, and Sir Walter Scott’s Talisman . That has been one of the most irritating features of repeated Laptop Loss. I had all these before – I was halfway through The Talisman when I was hi-jacked – and now I have to get them again. In anticipation of trouble, I’ve backed them off on a thumb drive. You can get an awful lot of ASCII text on a thumb drive.

With Gutenberg, you sometimes get HTML versions of books. I like these a lot better than the ASCII text. I’m almost tempted to write a simple utility to HTML them. It would be a piece of cake, but first I’ll browse to see if someone’s already done it.

My new mobile has a camera on it, but I’m not keen on the lens! I’ll get a proper camera next time I’m in Athens.

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