Yes, it’s a whole week…

… since my last entry. Ginger came today, and I had a lovely salady spread for him. Nikos says he’s a vegetarian, so I bought lots of things like peppers stuffed with olives and herbs. The centrepiece was a vegetarian moussaka, using pine nuts instead of minced lamb. Ginger was rather restive, and eventually confessed that he wanted to know how the cricket was going this week. We fired up, and surveyed the slow ebbing of England’s hopes to win. He left before the end, because he has superior cricket monitoring facilities in his own place.

It’s strange. I realised after he left that neither of us has told the other a single thing about ourselves. We’ve discussed mutual acquaintances on the island, the merits of various restaurants, the weather, the roads, the ferry services, but nothing personal. .

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