I was reminded…

… at lunchtime today of my mother. I had travelled some twelve kilometers, beyond my usual eating area, and stopped at a taverna. I ordered ham omelette and chips, with a Greek salad. Omelette and chips may not sound like a typically Greek dish, but, in my experience, it is the safest dish to try in a new taverna. They seldom make a mess of omelette and chips, and frequently do a jolly fine job of it.

It wasn’t this that reminded me of my mother, whose cooking was not her best quality, but the cat which sat patiently on the adjacent chair as I ate. She didn’t beg, but fixed me with a guilt-inducing stare. Nevertheless, I was strong, and offered her nothing, because it’s not fair to let a cat think it can panhandle from every diner. However, when I turned to look at the owner to order some more bread, the cat hooked a chip and ate it defiantly before my very eyes.

My mother, among her many cats, had a pair of kittens, sisters, of great ingenuity. On one occasion, she had a guest at table, and served fried fish. One kitten suddenly rushed up and bit the guest on the ankle, holding on with teeth and claws. The guest bent down to remove it, and the other kitten jumped on the table and stole the fish off his plate. They retired under the sideboard to eat it together.

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