Just when I thought…

… all was peaceful, I get this email from some turkey who reckons he knows where I am.

It went like this:

To: Carfilhiot@carfilhiot.co.uk
From: Alfredo@fauxhunter.co.uk


Hi carfilhiot,
I hope this is'nt too much of a suprise 
for you and beleive me I mean you 
no harm.

I have been following you blog for 
awhile now and looking at the clues 
you leave very carefully. I have 
decided that I know where you are 
living, and I know your real name. 
Just look at my web site in the blog 
and you will undrestand.


Please reply.

Fauxhunter (Alfredo)

I just sat staring at this for a while. Then I read his blog. Thank heavens he hasn’t got EVERYTHING right, but I have to take my hat off to his dedication!

Alfredo, I know you are reading this. Tell me what you’ve got!

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