Fauxhunter replied…

… with his idea on my name and location. Despite my earlier resolve not to confirm or deny any of Alfredo’s guesses, he presents me with such an open and shut argument on the court case that I have to admit it. Alfredo, you got my name right. And Melancthe’s and Shimrod’s and The Bank’s, too. Well done. But I may not be where you think I am. Keep working on it, by all means. It is only fair, though, to tell you that some of the clues I drop are false clues.

Sunset 1
This is a photo I took a few evenings ago. I get one of these every few nights. They seem to be better at this time of year. The most spectacular ones are when a storm is on its way from the west. That is one of the better aspects of my life.

The roads round here are one of the worst aspects of my life. I was free-wheeling down to the town on my motor bike last evening when the front wheel went into a crack so deep, and so well-matched to my wheel, that I was nearly pitched over the handlebars before my momentum sprung us out of the trap with a lurch fit to pull the front forks off. At that point, the road is hanging on to the side of a cliff, so there is also a danger of toppling over the edge and dropping and sliding a few hundred feet through scree and thorn bushes. When I complained in Nikos’, I was told that this crack was well-known, and had been there for three or four years, the result of a landslip. There were no plans to fill it in, despite several accidents.

This morning, I made a trip to the crack, and, using rocks and gravel from the cliffside (where, no doubt, they have been regularly falling on passing vehicles), I filled in the crack as best I could. At least my front wheel no longer fits. It hardly matters, because there are so many such hazards on the roads. I shall be sparing the travelling public from from death at the tender mercies of this hole in the road in order for them to perish in another at the next opportunity.

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