Fauxhunter strikes again…

… because my incautious remark about an earthquake last week has enabled him to more accurately zero in on my position. Being more relaxed these days, I am pleased to confirm that I am now, and always have been, on one of the Ionian Islands.

I have long been fascinated by “Cornell Boxes”
Cornell Box
Here is an example of a Joseph Cornell box. Cornell was a surrealist artist who specialised in glass-fronted boxes containing strange little tableaux.

I have been meaning to show a photo of the following for some time. One of the tavernas I visit from time to time has an array of Cornellesque boxes. The examples in the taverna do not carry the same caché as the ones in the Guggenheim, but, in their way, they are just as fascinating.

The one illustrated below is of the Titanic, containing a hopeless model of the vessel, a reduced copy of The New York Times of the fateful day, and other little fragments of documentation. It is very old and much faded, but all the more charming for that.


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