If I haven’t mentioned…

… Ginger lately, it’s because, a few days after the Pakistani earthquake, he locked up his house and left on the ferry with his big bike, saying he was going to “see if he could help”.

I haven’t heard from him since, and he hasn’t replied to any of my emails. I’m hoping nothing has happened to him. I’m also wondering what his publisher thinks of him decamping like that. It was all the more surprising because we spent part of the day before he left eating and talking as usual together, and although the earthquake was mentioned, he showed no kind of concern, and we spent more time discussing our own local little shaker.

It appears I am now in business again, in a small way. There’s a steady stream of rather familiar problems with people’s PCs which I solve at a billing rate that, while laughable by UK standards, is sufficient to feed me and pay my bills. I’ve actually put some money back into my shell company’s bank account! It is actually a relief not to have to decide what I’m going to waste my time on today, as there’s usually a computer to monkey with! My clients are also relieved that I now charge money. I think it made them uncomfortable to be helped for nothing, and inhibited them from asking for more.

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