I gave Alfredo…

… the run of my website, for fear of him perishing from boredom, provided he didn’t tamper with my blog. And look what he’s turned up!

It’s actually much bigger than this – about 600px across. And I’ve deliberately somewhat obscured the code until I find out what it all means.

I can only imagine Ginger left it there. I’ve left Alfredo trying to find out when it was uploaded. I haven’t heard from Ginger since October, when he disappeared on his “mercy mission”. The mysterious letters and numbers may be a message for me.

For some reason, the file is in a subdirectory with a “no robots” property, so that search engines like Google and Yahoo won’t index it. Weird. I didn’t realise Ginger knew enough about technology to do that, and I had no idea he’d hacked my domain password, though of course I’d typed it in in his presence often enough. He was always fiddling with his digital camera – he could easily have taken a movie of me keying it in. It makes me wonder about him and his motives.

Anyway, it’s late, and we’ve got a party to go to! Happy New Year in anticipation!

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