From: (Lionel)
To: (Carfilhiot)
Subject: Happen Ewe Ear

Felicitous Greetings from The Haunt of
the Polar Bear. I am deeply gratified by 
the tidings in your recent e-mail. Free at 
last! I should say "we" as (Desmëi) 
is also delighted that her encouragement 
prompted your surrender to Justice. I have 
seen fit to forbear from disabusing her of 
this fond illusion. Domestic bliss is difficult 
enough to achieve without poking it with 
a stick (optional: 'orse's 'ead 'andle).

Am eagerly anticipating the warmth of 
a brief sojourn in the Dark Continent in 
connection with the African University 
project, one of the infrequent and 
miniscule benefits of becoming the 
Dean of Wog Watching (oops... I mean, 
of course, Social Anthropology) on this 
vexatious undertaking, in which the 
Napoleonic War is daily re-enacted in 
disputes between Francophone and 
English-speaking elements of this 
underfunded community of well-meaning 
academics. Regrettably, I find myself to 
be the go-between - a believable Brit 
with a French name, fluent in both lingos.

Should I find myself able to parachute 
into (Greece) en route, I shall foist 
myself upon your hospitality for a day 
or twain.

Your Inebriated Childhood Pal,

From: (Carfilhiot)
To: (Lionel)
Subject: Foist Fest

I'm impressed. 
Enjoy your quest. 
Be my guest.
All the Best,
That Zestful Pest,


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