I managed to prise…

… Alfredo loose from the computer this morning, and we all went swimming in my private bay. I had to ferry Sophia and Alfredo separately, as there is only one pillion seat on the bike. It was rather cold on the journey, because it was early, but it only made the sea feel more like a warm bath than ever. I swear it was the first time either of them had swum outdoors!

We were exhausted when we returned, but while Sophia and I prepared something to eat, Alfredo described what he has found out about Ginger’s jpg file. He has made no progress with the coded message. This is no surprise, as it is too short a sample, and its content so unknown to us that it is unlikely we could have broken all but the simplest of ciphers. The Arabic is commonplace, and appears everywhere these days. “Allah Akhbar” – God is Great.

However, there have been a remarkably large number of hits on the picture considering that it isn’t really part of my web site, just an isolated file. We’re not talking thousands here, but, according to Alfredo, the accessing IP addresses all seem to be public access points, principally in the USA, Holland and England. “Curiouser and curiouser”, as Alice would have said.

Why should Ginger dump one of his pictures on my web site, having refused ever to give me one for display here, and not tell me about it? How do so many people know it’s there, and why do they access it?

On top of this, Alfredo tells me that some of the accesses to the file occurred before the date of the file. What this means, of course, is that there was another version of the same file there before the current one.

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