Very interesting…

… news. We all – Alexis, Sophia and I, went to the police station today. It appears that what passes for the Albanian coastguard has impounded a boat that has Alexis’s boatyard plate on it, and which seems to be my boat! They would like Alexis or me to come to Albania and identify it.

I asked whether I’d be likely to get it back. Shrugs all round. According to Alexis, Greeks and Albanians don’t really get on. Albanian criminals have been preying on tourists, particularly in Corfu, and the Albanian authorities haven’t been too interested in sorting it out. Conversely, there is a tendency for the Albanians to be blamed for everything that happens on that side of Greece.

Alexis is very excited about it, but he clearly doesn’t fancy going to Albania, even with me. I suppose, as it’s my boat, I’d better go. Communication lines are very extended. Our police will speak to Athens who speak to some Albanian authority who speak to the people who have got the boat. These arrangements may take some time.

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