Alfredo has got the goods…

… on one of the computers that’s been accessing Ginger’s photos on my site and he’s found a couple more photos with codes on them. I don’t know whether to be pleased or embarrassed that he’s taken over the target PC completely – he calls it Dork because of how easy it was to get into. In addition, he has pinched most of the contents of its filestore and he’s using MY website as a sort of depot for it!

The PC seems to be in America, and a shared one. The users, he says, are mostly looking at arabic websites – he’s sent me the list of visited links off the IE history. There’s something unaccountably invasive about following someone’s internet accesses around, but I quite enjoyed it. The arabic ones tend to be a bit militant in character, but it’s clear at least one user favours cheeky pictures which I can’t show you here because, as a responsible blogger, there’d have to be more pixellation than picture!

No more news on the boat.

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