Coffee, …

… just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, is something completely different when consumed in Greece. Imagine a tiny cup, suitable for a single espresso. It is half filled with very fine coffee grounds even after it settles, and eventually the top half becomes delicious aromatic black coffee with a fine coating of froth. The coffee portion is to be sipped slowly with a glass of water, the mud at the bottom to be left. So you finish up not being able to overdose on coffee, because each cup takes a while to make and settle, but the taste… fantastic. Even espresso, which is often too harsh, cannot compare with it. We now make our own at home, and it’s as easy as Nescafé. The whole process has become a sort of ritual like a Japanese Tea Party.

News? No news. That’s why I’m forced to mark time with coffee. I haven’t even heard from fauxhunter lately, and his blog is offline. Maybe he’s on holiday.

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