… tourist wear. Sophia has made me aware of tourist wear, something I’d neglected to notice until now. It’s still quite chilly by Greek standards at present, so I tend to wear long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, and a sweater or light jacket when necessary (especially on the bike). In this, I seem to reflect local standards of the islanders, who consider themselves a hardy lot (I wouldn’t fancy their chances in Princes Street in August).

There are two classes of tourist.

The first, mostly Germans and Scands, recognise that the weather is a little inclement, and turn out in woolly trousers, fell walking boots, sweaters and anoraks, as though they were about to tackle an Alp.


The second, overwhelmingly Brits, as soon as the sun appears, emerge clad in :
Male – Sleeveless singlet, the better to expose the tattoos; shorts that are too long or longs that are too short, accompanied by enormous beer gut and flip-flops;
Female – Shapeless floppy top, containing, yet, somehow, revealing, shapeless floppy body, worn loose over shorts that are either much too short or longs that are much too long, and shoes suitable for the catwalk.
Both – Lots and lots of pale skin that’s more blue than cream in hue. Think codfish.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Stll no news of Alfredo, and his site is still down – ???

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