I’m afraid I …

… missed my journal yesterday. When I got home after more boat-scraping, Eleni had obviously been and done her stuff. No-one locks their doors around here, but I lock my laptop up in a little cupboard when I’m out. Nearly every piece of clothing I possess had been confiscated, and I had some difficulty finding something to wear for the evening. Strangely, every single electrical socket in the house was switched off and had a plug in it. It seems to be a case of “Thurber’s Aunt” an affliction in which the sufferer worries about electricity leaking all over the house if the sockets are not filled. When I tried to use the gas cooker later, I discovered that the supply valve had been closed. Still, the house was spotless – some of the floors were still wet – and there were a few wild flowers in a tumbler on the bedroom window sill. My books had been carefully lined up in size order on the bookshelf. It took me a while to discover that even the book from my bedside had been tidied back. My shoes had been cleaned, for heaven’s sake, and there was a welcome odour of cleaning materials to replace the stuffy atmosphere I’ve been accumulating all year. I don’t know if I’m going to be equal to the task of living up to such diligence.

Today, the end of the paint stripping. Alexis doesn’t need me tomorrow. I can’t say I’m sorry. He says he’s going to start using the epoxy potions to seal the hull. I looked up the products on the internet, and at last I understand. Apparently, the seams and holes are sealed with various epoxy pastes, the outside of the hull is sealed with epoxy and then painted with epoxy paint, so that the timbers are no longer constantly waterlogged in use. The inside, however, is painted with a “breathing” substance, which means that the wood can dry out. I keep meaning to show a photo of the boat. Sorry.

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