The upshot…

… is that Alfredo has been sprung without charge, though they’ve hung on to his computer, and persuaded his ISP to delete his website. What a liberty!

Samia, the lawyer, seems to have made the boys in blue squirm over their bad behaviour and has wrought a minor miracle. It helped that the Americans were involved, as they are not particularly popular with British Special Branch.

As far as I can gather, some American (NSA?) surveillance group has had the Dork computer staked out for a while, and they noticed Alfredo’s activities. Then they traced him via his ISP. The trade Alfredo’s lawyer has done is to give The Powers That Be the vnc password he was using (they had never managed that trick) in return for releasing him. Alfredo’s computer is still under arrest.

Alfredo says it doesn’t matter because he’s got the whole filestore on CDs and a thumb drive, so he can be back in business as soon as he gets another PC.

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