I was at pains…

… not to give the British detectives any room to accuse me or Alfredo of wrong-doing, whilst attempting to help them out as far as I could. My lawyer has advised me to keep these events private, so the conversations will not appear here – not for a while, anyway. There was no question, it appears, of my being in trouble, as the victim of a “hacking” incident. Alfredo’s subsequent investigation was marginally borderline, and that’s been erased, anyway.

[EDIT] As at the current date (29 March 06), Alfredo’s website is still down, and Dork is now off the air, too, so I suppose they have swooped in the US. I hope this is the last we’ll hear of it. I suggested to Alfredo that when he re-publishes fauxhunter that he removes the explicit details he was previously displaying.

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