Never a dull…

… moment here. We had one of these days when storm clouds loom across the Med, while the sea was preternaturally calm, though steely grey. The sun was represented by a series of white scars between the cumulus. Sophia called me out onto the terrace (slab of chipped concrete) and you could see grey streamers trailing down from this dark cloud. Suddenly one of the streamers touched the sea, stirring it up into a froth, and raising a waterspout!

OK – I admit it. This photo isn’t mine. Who has the presence of mind to grab a camera when something like this happens? It appeared in the local paper, and closely resembles what we saw.

I understand from Alexis that waterspouts are by no means unusual, and, occasionally, a fishing boat gets trashed by one. They always, he says, expire before they hit the shore (the waterspout, that is, not the boat).

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