Here we are…

… in sunny Corfu, a couple of days early for my meeting with Albanian officials. Sophia and I are companionably surfing side-by-side in the cyber café behind the church of St Spiridon.

We were robbed on our way here. Stopping at a roadside snackbar called Tweety, we ordered club sandwiches. The waiter urged us to try a few Greek hors d’oeuvres while we waited. The snacks were very nice. The club sandwiches were all but inedible. The bill was 66 Euros! Living, as we do, in a place where food and wine are good value, I’d forgotten just how rapacious tourist traps can be. This must not be taken as a general rule in Corfu, however, as I have eaten at a similar café in the past which was excellent in every way.

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