… is a game to which I shall probably always be a stranger. However, since it’s a slack week for news, I am showing you another of the “Cornell Boxes” from the taverna in the next village.


It is entitled “The Days of Baseball”, as though those days had passed. Perhaps they have, I’d be unlikely to notice. This box, which measures perhaps 30cm by 20cm (12 * 8 inches) refers only to Babe Ruth and contains his tiny jacket, shoes, bat, glove and ball, together with illegible yellowing scraps of paper.

Sophia was enchanted by the displays. I photographed them all, but most of them didn’t work at all. The combination of reflections from the glass, dim light and shaky hands probably accounts for that. I must go back and try again.

I have to say that I was much affected by my recent incarceration, more than I am prepared to admit. But the good side is that I lost 5 (count ‘em!) FIVE kilos. I wonder whether I could market thin stew as a slimming aid. But it would probably have to be accompanied by a CD of agonised screaming.

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