Do not be fooled…

… by the apparent contiguous date of this entry. It is a full year since I last blogged. A full year. Again this year, Gil and Beryl did the golf in Corfu, and we spent some time together. Gil was keen that I start blogging again, so here goes.

Sophia isn’t with me any more. The split wasn’t particularly traumatic. Until about October last year, she was content with my lotus-eating lifestyle, we lived through my house improvement, she learned to sail, everything was warm and cosy. Then she started making trips to the UK. I hadn’t realised just how much money she had left from her Amazon Harlequin episode. She always spoke as if she was broke and comparatively she was, compared with some of the other band members. However, she could afford to pay scheduled airfares. I didn’t go with her, though she offered. Maybe that was a mistake.

Anyway, she eventually confessed that she was bored and needed the big city and the buzz of the music again. I didn’t want to hold her back, and I wasn’t about to propose marriage – another mistake? She said she would just give it a try, so I let her go without a fuss and she accepted an offer with a band called Athletic Support. She has since moved on. We still e-mail and I still hope she comes back, but realistically, if she does, it’ll mean she’s in a mess again.

Fauxhunter goes from strength to strength. He gave up his web site and took a job with one of the big IT security firms. He’s probably tunnelling his way through corporate firewalls and defence systems as I write, on behalf of the Forces of Good. The last time he e-mailed, he was working on some sort of e-mail filtering system, so The Powers That Be can find out when we last changed our shorts.

Ginger re-appeared for a day last autumn, I’m told by someone who saw him. He didn’t contact me, but he is rumoured to have broken into his own house (sealed by the police) before disappearing again. One must guess he had something important hidden there. Shortly after the incident, I had another guy round, English, I think. He asked me about Ginger and went away apparently satisfied.

Me, I’m just keeping my head down, doing a bit of tinkering with people’s PCs for pay. I had a rough few years. I don’t imagine I’ll want to do anything dramatic any time soon. And I’m pretty sure I’m being watched.

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