As I sat…

…on my “terrace” (a South-West-facing slab of concrete outside the house) this morning, a large green-grey lizard appeared and set about sunning itself. I say “large” because I am used to Surrey’s little sand lizards which are only a few inches long. This one was at least nine inches from nose to tail. It seemed unafraid, ignoring the noises I made turning the pages of my book, but I didn’t get up for the camera, though I wanted to, because of the Nature Study version of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which, simply stated, is “Any attempt to photograph wildlife will result in the wildlife not being there when the camera is available”. Wildlife photographers have to camp out for months on a termite mound with a loaded and aimed and focussed camera in order to capture 2.7 seconds of screen time. The camera I’m using is one of these throwaway plastic jobs, which would probably not produce a particularly fine image, anyway. And I’d have to get it developed and scanned. I must get a real digital camera – the instant gratification of taking a photo and seeing the result immediately has spoilt me for old-fashioned photography.

The lizard, which I arbitrarily labelled as male, remained where he was, however, even when I went into the house and returned with a drink. I wonder if you can tame a lizard? Must check on Google. Wonder if you can disguise a camera as a drink? I finally decided to fetch the camera, and, sure enough, he was gone when I returned.

A view of the track to my house
This is the consolation prize. The estate agent’s version of the view from the edge of my property – no lizard.

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