At the time…

… when Kostandis told me about the message from the police, I thanked him and said the fishermen had already told me. I kind of implied I’d already been to the cop shop. Kostandis was burning with curiosity to know what is was about, but he didn’t ask straight out, and I didn’t tell him.

I spent today writing little notes. One to Alexis, suggesting he stop work for the time being and send a bill to my Athens company. I left an envelope for the Pope with a generous week’s wages for Eleni, but would she please just wait for further instructions before carrying on.

To tell the truth, I have been paralysed all day with anticipation of problems, though none transpired today so far. I’ve been mooning around the little house saying goodbye, and I left a small pile of ham pieces and a dish of water for the lizard, though it disappeared with such dispatch that I suspect that big black cat got it!

More from me when I know what happens next! I hope.

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