I have taken…

… the opportunity, while in Athens, of buying some more books, including a few replacements for my abandoned library in Glasgow and a “Teach Yourself Modern Greek” course.

I also got a new IR folding(!) keyboard for my laptop, because I hate a tiny keyboard, and a nice fat 1 Gig USB thumb drive. I looked at some digital cameras, but couldn’t make up my mind, especially since they are very expensive here, and I left a perfectly good one behind in my previous life. The photos I’ve shown you so far were scanned from ordinary photographs by a friendly computer user on the island. I’m not ready yet to set up Amazon and Ebay accounts. The paranoia of not wanting to be too free with my email address is behind that.

Nowhere in this journal is there a real name or an identifiable place that could help track me down. In a way, I feel more secure rather than less after the incident yesterday, as it made me review my vulnerability.

The Acropolis
Above is Athens as it appears in the tourist brochures.

Athens - the city
The true picture is a smoggy, grid-locked maze of streets and alleys, greatly congested with buses, cars and motor bikes, yet there are many truly nice places to eat and sit in the sunshine, and I’ve always liked the place. The American Express office is a particular haven, sporting, as it does, air-conditioning and real clean toilets.

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