Suldrun is…

… gone now, and I’ll tell you what actually happened, but first, a little more background.

I’ve never been much of a hit with girls. I’m quite tall, but a bit overweight, and, I’m afraid, very self-involved. I had a steady girlfriend at University… well, I was steady, she wasn’t. Then we got married, which was a mistake, because by that time neither of us cared much about each other. I worked abroad for a while, and when I came back I didn’t return to the house we rented together, and eventually we got divorced in as dispassionate a manner as we married. Later, I had other girlfriends, none serious or long-term. Then there was Melancthe, who looked serious but had other motives in mind.

So, you will see, however keen I am for some kind of relationship, caution, fear of rejection and selfishness tend to make me reluctant to hope for one. And now that I’m hiding, I’m reluctant to impart secrets, and it makes me seem unforthcoming.

It was different with Suldrun. We talked about absolutely everything, we ate, we drank too much. We really enjoyed each other’s company, I think; and I feel if I’d made a move then she would have welcomed it, but I didn’t and she didn’t. I ran her to her hotel early this morning so she could pack and join her colleagues. By the finish, I was treating her like a daughter more than anything else, I suppose, but that may have been self-defence.

So, tongues can wag, and no doubt will, but the truth is very boring.

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