Yesterday’s item…

… makes me sound like Bill Clinton explaining what he’d never had with that woman.

I’ve been telling everyone here the same story, but nobody believes me. Part of me really regrets that I didn’t make a move, and I leave it to the reader to guess what that part is. The rest of me realises that I don’t need complications in my life.

This has been a day of multiple frustrations, of course. Somehow, I’d forgotten it was Sunday and I went to the boatyard. Deserted. My boat floating still, though.

Then, with all the running around I’ve been doing, I ran out of fuel on the bike on my way home, and the petrol station doesn’t open till after lunch on Sundays, and I was in the filthy clothes I wear for working on the boat, so I couldn’t go visiting.

I dumped the bike and walked the rest of the way home, then changed and…

You don’t want to read about this, do you? I’ll leave it at that.

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